Experience and knowledge


102 years ago, in 1916, the conversations between the people from Valecia in Las Arenas beach were mostly about beach hunts and open-air bars.

The water from the beach reached the coatal promenade and Ramón Sansó and María Inés Borreda run”La Unión”, one of the oldest open-air bars where typical Valencian dishes were served.

The Spanish civil war arrived and they lost everything, so the couple and their children moved to a small village near Valencia. Once the war was over, they came back to Valencia city and set up the open-air bar again, this time, they called it “El sol” which means the sun in Spanish.

Ramón was a builder and a shop assistant, apart from that he decitaded his time to run the family business so his parents could take care of their numerous family.

Antonio «The enterprising»

Antonio, the youngest son was the founder of “Hotel SolPlaya”.When he was only 8 years old, he used to sell bananas along the beah. He still remenbers the sentence he used to attract customer, which was; “10 bananas for 1 peseta”.

He studied with the Jesuist, according to the education that was given at that time.When he became 14, he was recommended to work in a printer´s called “Casa Bello”.He could also help his parents with the family business.In his first summer helping his parents, he was in charge of the business´ accounts and he also drew his ideas of what was going to be his future business, The Hotel SolPlaya.

With his notebook full of drawing and lots of dreams, he was granted a 3.000 peseta loan. Whith this money,that bright and enterprising boy started what now is our hotel which 100 years later is still a family business. When he became 45, he decided to start up some other busnisesses, so he didn´t run the hotel for 15 years.When he became 60, he took up the management of the hotel, this time with his own family: his wife Lola and his sons Antonio and Carlos, who currently run the hotel.From that moment the hotel was called “SolPlaya”.

What started being a modest open-air bar where some meals were served, Little by Little became a hotel. They stared by renting a room, later a floor with 9 rooms, a second floor with six more rooms, some time later 20 more rooms. And year by year, until reaching the ammount of 3 buildings with many rooms which offer the traveler and business people the best views of Valencia, the best balcony to the Mediterranean sea.

1915 , de la playa de las Arenas



Our, home, our hotel, has had the honour of having the visit of illustruos figures such as:

Hermingway, Who in a friendly manner aproached Andoni and said to him:”This sea, which you have in front of your hotel which has got such clean water, should be known by everyone.

Robert Frank, known internationally as father of modern photography, stayed 6 months in the hotel where he portraited the Valencia of the 50´s. 

Elliot Erwitt, the photographer os Marilyn Monroe or the Che Guevara, between many others, frequently visited our restaurant in the 50´s década.

Tip and Coll: Who were a famous couple of Spanish humorist, were some of our regular guests.